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How Do You Spend Your Free Time? Short English Essays

How to Spend Leisure Constructively 

It is a well-said proverb, "Time is money" it is true, very true, All time is valuable. Success in life depends mainly on the use of opportunities which are few and last but for a while. Like an unending current, the time of life is flowing out. In course of its swift journey, if we find, any leisure we should spend it in any constructive way.

Human life has a purpose to serve. To live in the present, to remain content with two bare meals a day is a negation of that end. It is the animals way of living. But life is so short that we cannot afford to spoil a single moment. We must, therefore, utilize every period of time at our disposal. Today and not tomorrow should be the motto of life for everybody who wants to prosper life. Procrastination and indolence are vices that must be killed at their birth. Once they are allowed to grow, they cannot be easily thrown off and often last.

Throughout life, these cause untold miseries and repeated failures. Historically, those who have used their time have prospered. Again prosperous nations fell down as their people forget the best use of time. The progress of America, Russia or England is nothing more than that time of their people was covered into money, health, poetry, philosophy, and science etc.

In the East, a good deal of our poverty and backwardness is the result of our misuse of time. Our people work less and talk more. They spend hours and days in chatting. Thus the use and misuse of time have made all the difference between the East and the West. Hence it may be safely said that one of the principal keys to our prosperity lies in emulation of the West in the proper use of time. Hence the need of making the best of every minute that is flowing out into the eternity where from it will never return.

How I Spend My Sunday

Sunday is always welcome. It is a holiday, a day of rest, enjoyment and On this day, I do not follow any fixed programme and timetable. I leisure do and enjoy things as they come. I mean everything depends on my mood and weather. The rest of the week I follow a set timetable. But on Sundays things change .on these days for me. The clock does not have that much significance It is said that God created the world in six days.

On the seventh day, he took rest. This day was Sunday. Sunday means Sabbath. God created man after his own image. That is why man enjoys Sunday as the day of rest. Rest does not It means such activity which gives pleasure and means idleness entertainment. Nothing routine and for the sake of earning money.

The very word 'Sunday' has music in it. I love it because it means many pleasant, happy and merry things. On Sunday, I get up late at leisure. There is no hurry, no haste. I have not to get up early in the morning at 5:30 A.M. as usual. My parents know it and do not wake me till it is breakfast time. On Sunday, I skip my morning tea. I leave the bed at about 7 A.M., have a quick brushing of the teeth and wash up and then I go straight for breakfast. My mother always prepares something special for breakfast on Sunday. We take breakfast together. On other days I take my breakfast alone.

In the day I play cricket with my friends. If the weather does not permit it, we enjoy playing chess indoors. Sometimes, I go to see a good movie in the company of my friends. Last Sunday, we went on a picnic.

In the evening either I visit one of my friends or they come to my house. Sunday evening is spent in joyful and intimate conversation. We tell stories and anecdotes, together enjoy cracking jokes also exchange our experiences on Sundays in the evening.

Thus, Sunday comes with a lot of freedom from routine. On this day, I am guided more by impulse than by reason. It is a day of loveliness and leisure. Sometimes, there are other welcome guests. Then there is a different type of programme. However, I never wish that every day was a Sunday. It is attractive only because it is once a week affair.

Sundays work like a tonic and prepare me for coming labor and hard work. I cannot enjoy a Sunday well if I have not done well for the rest of the week. Then I feel that I have not earned my Sunday. Work and rest, both, are essential. One is useless, without other. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But work is very natural, it is worship. Honest and sincere toil is holy service. No good labour is ever lost. We cannot work well without occasional rest. and leisure. And rest and Sunday will be meaningless without work. Sundays make my work and studies pleasurable.

The Season I Like Best

Winter is the season I like the best, Pakistan has as many as six seasons. The Pakistani summer is very hot and uncomfortable Crusal. Sometimes the temperature shoots up to fifty-degree celsius in some parts of the country. We feel like a furnace all-around and the blazing sun beats down fiercely. Many people die of sunstroke.

The activity is at the lowest and people perspire and pant for breath. The rainy season is muddy and sultry. The sky is overcast and everything is wet and sticky. The spring is pleasant and welcome but short-lasting.

Winter sets in Pakistan by the end of November and lasts until the end of February. As the autumn season fades out, there are no clouds in the sky and there is a gentle cool breeze and the weather turns pleasant. It is the season when the skies are clear and the sun shines warmly. People bask in the sun and enjoy themselves. The days are short and nights long. People work hard during the day and enjoy good rest at night. For me, it is the best time for studies. During the winter months, I devote maximum time to learning my lessons and studying books. It inspires me to much work and physical exercise in the morning.

Pakistani winters are neither bleak nor harsh. They are pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable. I improve my health during these days and my appetite is fairly sharpened. As a result, I enjoy eating lot of Sweets like Gajar Halwa, laddoos, gajak and such other things besides dry fruits. I also oy peanuts with jaggery. I feel strong, energetic and very active. I enjoy evening and morning walk when there is no rush in the park.

It is also the season when I enjoy wearing my colorful woolen cloths. Now I can wear neck-tie, muffler, gloves, woolen suit, etc. They make me very comfortable and attractive to look at. At intervals, there may be cups of hỏt coffee or tea with some snacks for my personal pleasure and enjoyment. In my part of the country, it is a wonderful time and we go for picnics or sit in the soft warm sun enjoying peanuts cul, carrots, tomatoes or j talking. During winter many migratory birds come to Pakis from far off lands. It is the best season to visit hill stations and to enjoy snowfall. Last December I visited Murree with my father. It is a paradise for winter lovers. enjoyed snowfall there. High mountains were covered with snow. Everything was looking white.

Winter is the season of youth, enjoyment, work, studies and long and sound sleep at night. It is also the season of good health, hearty eating, basking in the sun and outdoor fun and picnics. Pakistani winter is never bleak, gloomy, snowy or dull as that of Europe or America. I always look forward to winter and its many joys and comforts.

One Thing I Dislike Most

 Man is full of likes and dislikes. He can be called a bundle of these. Eac and everybody have his own likes and dislikes preferences and hatred. And I am no exception to the rule. My likes and dislikes are sharp and definite. I am very clear about them. I am not ashamed to own them. I have many dislikes. But the thing I dislike most is flattery.

Many people consider flattery an art. They feel proud of it. They use it as a powerful means to achieve success. And most of the people like flattery. They always want to be told pleasant things. They want blind admiration and praise. They cannot tolerate criticism, even when it is right. I really pity such people. They are really fools. They are blind to the realities of life. They are constantly living in an illusion.

Flattery is nothing but false praise and admiration. It is used to make a fool of others to serve selfish ends. Today the world is full of flatterers and fools. In my opinion both the flatterer and the flattered are fools. Their attitude to life and realities is that of an ostrich.

People do not differentiate between flattery and sincere praise.A genuine praise admiration is from the core of the heart. It is true, sincere and without an axe to grind. I always welcome and appreciate genuine praise. There are many great and beautiful persons and things. They deserve our admiration. They are worth our appreciation. It is our duty to praise them, to bring out their worth in open. But flattery disgusts me. I hate a flatterer like an enemy. I regard him as a very dangerous person.

But the world of today is full of flatterers. People use it blindly in flattering others. And in return want to be flattered. There is no sincerity, no truth, no reality in what they say. In talks, lectures, conversations, writings etc., there are false, sweet and pleasant words. They all are meaningless, empty and selfish. To me they make no sense, no appeal. I am fed up with such people. That is why my friends circle is very limited. I like Frank, sincere and truthful people.

People use flattery on every occasion. They have got use to it. They use it as a weapon to serve personal profits. They use it to gain rewards, favor, patronage or some other advantage. It has become a cottage industry without any investment. The dividends in this business are rewarding. Flatterers use their lips and collect rich returns.

In my opinion, flattery is a bait, sweet poison which should be avoided. It degrades us. To praise a decent and deserving thing is natural. But false words of praise make me furious. It is selfishness not to encourage and appreciate good work. But it is equally a bad thing to indulge in false admiration and flattery. We should discriminate between them. It is one of our basic weaknesses to flatter and receive flattery. We often overestimate our worth and value and expect people to praise us sky high. We should guard against this tendency Cut. Only then we shall be able to distinguish between a friend and flatterer.

It is more dangerous when you flatter yourself. There is no such flatterer as a man's own self. Self-flatterer is the worst kind of person. One should be detached, objective and analytical in and critical in such matters. That is why it is said that man is his own friend or enemy. Those who flatter themselves, have a false sense of pride and praise. They are their worst enemies. I have nothing but deep dislike for such people.

This tendency of mind has made me an unwelcome guest with many people. They don't like my frank, sincere and factual opinion. They expect me to praise each and everything they say or do. But I never care about them, I want friendship and company but not at the cost of plain speaking. I have some friends who really cherish my friendship. They value much my frank and truthful opinion, criticism, and appreciation.

Five Things I Love Most

 Life is very interesting and wonderful. There are numberless beautiful and attractive things. They make life interesting, meaningful and attractive. But there are many things also which are ugly and annoying. Thus, life is a mixed affair. It is full of sweet, enjoyable and beautiful things. At the same time, there are sufferings, diseases, troubles and tears. There are many things I like and many others which I dislike and hate. The five things. I like most are as under.

I love reading. It is my hobby. I have a good collection of books. But I like short novels, story books, biographies and books on nature. They give me great delight. I enjoy their company and feel they are my best friends. They increase my knowledge and skills of language. I never feel sad, lonely or bored because of them.

The next thing I like most is nature-study. I love nature from the core of my heart. Nature is so rich in variety, beauty, and interest. I often sit in our small garden and observe nature. The twittering of birds, the flight of butterflies, the rustling of the leaves, the fragrance and color of flowers; the squirrels so playful, the deep blue sky, the glorious sunrise and sunset etc., cast a spell on me. I feel part of the nature. I also go for a walk in the early morning in the nearby park and enjoy nature there. Last year I went to Sawat, and enjoyed myself amidst nature to the full. Nature inspires me with hope, courage, and dedication to work. I also love watching the stars at night. They are too far and yet so close to my heart.

The third thing I like most is talking with friends. I have some very good friends. We are intimate with one another. In spare time we collect at a common place and enjoy talking. We discuss many things, tell stories, anecdotes and have a lot of fun. But our conversation is not an idle gossip. We talk about books, reading, nature-study, human nature, news and films. The exchange of ideas, views, and news help us a lot in increasing our knowledge.

The fourth thing I love most is the children. I play with them whenever I have an opportunity. The little children with their very innocent and beautiful faces are most attractive things on the earth. In the neighborhood there are many children. Sometimes, I play with them, tell them fairy tales and recite rhymes. It also pleases me to watch them play. Their small activities are so wonderful and interesting. It pains me a lot when I see a child in trouble or weeping.

The last but not the least, I love eating sweets. I have sweet tooth Milk sweets are my favourite. I also like chocolates and toffees. I keep them in my pockets and also distribute them among friends and children. My mother prepares special sweet dishes for me. There is hardly a day when there are no sweets in the house. I think I have inherited this habit. My father also loves sweets so much. But my mother prefers napkins and snacks. In winter it gives me much delight to eat peanuts with jaggery. In summer I often like to enjoy sugar-candy and ice-cream of quality. But I am conscious of my habit and never allow it to overpower me. I can do even without them.
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Honey Notes: How do you spend your time - Short English Essays
How do you spend your time - Short English Essays
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