FSc Part 1 English Book 1 (The Piece of String) Exercises

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      • This chapter is from the 11th class English book 1 and it has been written by the Guy de Maupassant. we have presented the important questions of this chapter for the intermediate (part 1) FSc FA first year students.

Q: Write-down a note on the character of Hubert.

Hubert was an old villager, very simple and very gentle. Ha once went to the village market. On the way, he picked up a piece of string. Unfortunately, Manana saw him and blamed that he had picked the lost pocketbook. Hubert could not & stand that. He was a sensitive man and told everybody that he was innocent. But nobody believed him. This hurt him all the more. People thought that he was a wicked man and was telling lies. As a result, Hubert fell ill. Before his death, he kept on claiming that he was not a liar, but no one believed him. Hubert was such a pious man that God confirmed his innocence by sending a huge flood.

Q: Write ten lines on the mentality of the people who did not believe Hubert.

People all over the world are in search of Something amusing and amazing. They want to have fun at the cost of someone. This is why they were not willing to spare him. They told this story of the string again and again to enjoy themselves. Moreover, Hubert was such a gentle and simple person that he could not present his case well before his fellow villagers. Anyhow, the main reason for his sad end. was the mentality of the villagers. They did not let him off because in this way they could lose their fun also.

Q: Why did the Mayor not believe the innocence of Hubert?

The Mayor did not expect that Mr. Manana could tell lies. As Mr. Manana claimed again and again that the pocketbook was taken by Hubert, the Mayor was bound to believe it. Once the Mayor had made up his mind, he was not ready to accept Hubert's arguments. Moreover, it looked quite strange that Hubert bent down and picked only a worthless piece of string. This is why the Mayor could not believe the innocence of Hubert.

Q: Was it necessary for Hubert to continue pleading his innocence?

Hubert was an old countryman. He was so simple and gentle that he did not know the tricks that people usually play with others. His heart was pure and full of innocence. He was badly hurt when he was falsely blamed. He went to the people to ensure them of his innocence. But it bore bad results. They were not willing to believe him. The more he insisted, the more they abused him. Out of innocence, he spoiled his case.

Q: What suggestions can you give to Hubert to save him from such a humiliating situation?

First of all, Hubert shouldn't have picked the useless piece of string from the ground. Secondly, he shouldn't have abused Mr. Manana in the presence of the Mayor. It annoyed the Mayor and he turned against him. Thirdly, he shouldn't have presented his case before everybody. People only want to have amusement. They are not sincere to anyone. Hubert spoiled his case by doing so, Fourthly, when the pocketbook was found, Hubert should have kept silent.

Q: What was the announcement?

The announcement said that a black leather pocketbook containing five hundred shillings and Some business papers was lost. The founder was requested to return it to the Mayor or the caretaker, Mr. James.

Q: What was the reward announced for the finder of the pocketbook?

It was announced that there would be a reward of twenty shillings for the finder of this lost pocketbook.

Q: What happened when the meal had concluded?

When the meal had concluded, the Chief of the police came and inquired who Mr. Hubert was. Mr. Hubert replied from the other end of the table. The Police Officer asked him to come along with him to the Mayor's office.

Q: What was Mr. Hubert's condition when he was going with the Police Chief?

Mr. Hubert was shocked and disturbed. He could not understand why he was being taken to the Mayor Moreover, it was a matter of disgrace for a noble man like Mr. Hubert. Describe the Mayor. The Mayor was a stout, serious man. He was sitting in his office and Supervising the affairs of the market day.

Q: What did the Mayor say to Mr. Hubert?

The Mayor said to Mr. Hubert that he was seen to pick up the pocketbook lost by Mr. James.

Q: How did Mr. Hubert react when the Mayor accused Mr. Hubert of picking the pocketbook?

Mr. Hubert was a simple countryman. He was terribly shaken by such a blame. He declared on oath that he had never seen the pocketbook.

Q: Who was Manana, and why did he accuse Mr. Hubert of picking the lost pocketbook?

Manana was a villager. He also lived in the same place where Hubert lived. He prepared harness for the horses. He was regarded as an honest man.

Q: Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocketbook?

Manana did not actually see Mr. Hubert taking the lost pocketbook. He saw that Hubert was taking something from the ground. He presumed that it would be the pocketbook This is why he accused him.

Q: What explanation did Mr. Hubert give in reply to the charges of the Mayor?

Mr. Hubert said that he had picked only a piece of string from.the ground. He drew out a little piece of string from his pocket and showed it to the Mayor.

Q: Why did the Mayor not believe the innocence of Mr. Hubert?

The Mayor could not believe the innocence of Mr. Hubert because Mr. Hubert's arguments were not forceful. Moreover, Manana was a man of good reputation. So it was difficult to doubt that he could be wrong.

Q: What did Mr. Hubert do when the Mayor did not believe him?

The simple farmer, Mr. Hubert, lifted his hand in anger and spat on the ground. He did so to attest his honour. He then once again declared on oath that he had not even seen the pocketbook.

Q: Describe the hot talk between Mr. Hubert and Manana in the Mayor's office?

Manana said again and again that Hubert had picked up the pocketbook. Then bath of them started quarreling and their hot talk continued for a long time.

Q: Why was Mr. Hubert searched?

Mr. Hubert was searched on his own request. It was the only way for him to prove his innocence. He was searched and nothing was found on him.

Q: How was Mr. Hubert finally released?

The Mayor finally let Mr. Hubert go with a warning. He said that he would consult the legal adviser and ask for further orders.

Q: What happended when Mr. Hubert came out of the Mayor's office?

As Mr. Hubert came out of the Mayors office, people surrounded and questioned him. Nobody believed his story of the string. Instead people laughed him.

Q: How did the people behave with Mr. Hubert when he pleaded his innocence?

Mr. Hubert went along, stopping his friends and telling them the truth of the matter. No one believed him. Instead they abused him and used foul language.

Q: Why did people make fun of Hubert's innocence?

People made fun of Hubert's innocence because he had become too serious in this matter. Moreover, Hubert's explanation did not seem acceptable. Comment on the mentality of the people who did not believe Hubert. People mostly need fun and entertainment. These people did not believe him because they found more enjoyment in Manana's story. They did not have positive mentality.

Q: How was the pocketbook ultimately found?

The next day in the afternoon a man named George returned the pocketbook to Mr. James. He said that he had found it on the road to the village market.

Q: Why did George give the pocketbook to his employer?

George was not an educated man. He did not know how to read and write. Therefore, he could not read the name of the owner of the pocketbook. This is why he gave it to his employer.

Q: What did the people think of Hubert when they heard of the return of the pocketbook?

The people thought that Hubert was telling lies. They were sure that he had picked up the pocketbook. They thought that he would have thrown it. So they never believed him.

Q: What grieved Mr. Hubert more than anything else? OR What made him feel shameful?

Mr. Hubert was a gentleman. He never committed any crime in his life. In this case, people thought that he was a liar. He could not face this situation. This thing grieved him a lot.

Q: What was the effect of the distrust that people showed in Mr. Hubert?

Mr. Hubert felt this shame and disgrace to his self-respect. He started losing weight. People, noticed that he was getting weaker and weaker. He took to his bed and soon he died.

Q: How did the people enjoy the story of the string?

People started telling this story to amuse themselves. They told it in the manner of a soldier telling the stories of his adventures on the war front.

Q: What did Mr. Hubert say in the delirium of his struggles?

Mr. Hubert kept claiming his innocence. His words were: A piece of string A piece of string! By my word of honour did not lie."

Q: Why did Mr. Hubert keep claiming his innocence before his death?

Mr. Hubert was an innocent man. He did not lie about the pocketbook. But the people did not believe him. This is why he kept claiming his innocence when he was on his deathbed.

Q: Describe the destruction caused by the flood OR What was engraved on the tombstone of Mr. Hubert?

The great flood in its great wrath carried away the people of that area with all their belongings. Only the grave of Hubert withstood the havocs of the flood. On his tombstone was engraved: Here lies a man who told nothing but truth. Here lies the man who would not prove his innocence, but the flood proved it.

Q: Write down a short note on Hubert's character.

Hubert was a man of strong moral character. He could not think of stealing things. He did not tell lies. This is why he could not bear the situation when people blamed him.

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Honey Notes: FSc Part 1 English Book 1 (The Piece of String) Exercises
FSc Part 1 English Book 1 (The Piece of String) Exercises
This chapter is from the 11th class English book 1 and it has been written by the Guy de Maupassant. we have presented the important questions of this chapter for the intermediate (part 1) FSc FA first year students.
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